Pre-Construction, which can be considered the most important aspect of the overall process, provides for a matching of the design characteristics’ with the fixed budget that must be strictly adhered to. It is during this time prior to any physical work being put in-place that all options and designs can be tested and priced effectively to understand the true impact to the overall project value. Pre-Construction is a process where all ideas are prioritized and understood so they can be allocated in the most effective manner and all concerned parties can realize what is the best use of funds, to meet the most realistic goals. Core Four Construction values and accepts this time to budget, price, and value engineering process, to ensure that the goals that are prioritized and given the best chance of being implemented. The construction manager’s responsibility is to provide the much needed information relating to costs and schedule and constructability along the design process so that the client can make the key decisions that best meet their unique expectations. It is only when the parties work closely that this process can achieve the highest level desired and the entire project exceeds the expectations of everyone. The importance of having everyone’s voice heard during this stage is crucial. This period allows for all changes and ideas to be vented so that during the construction phase, the least amount of costly changes are requested. The more thorough the process is during the pre-construction, the most efficient the construction portion of the process will be. Core Four Construction understands and embraces the pre-construction process and will provide seasoned staff that has performed and managed this type of process for the public and private sectors for decades. Our staff will be the vehicle that streamlines this process to achieve the best and most cost effective pre-construction process, which will led to the absolute best use of available funds.

Core Four Construction Management Services

Core Four Construction is a full services Project Management company with office locations in New York City. As a local entrepreneurial firm, we can quickly adapt to the needs and objectives of our clients. Our key staff possesses extensive industry experience gained on numerous successfully completed projects in the New York metropolitan area.

Core Four is capable of providing comprehensive Pre-Construction, Construction, Consulting, and Design-Build services to a broad range of project types/industries. These have included, commercial office buildings and retail spaces.

Our experienced and highly qualified professional staff members take their commitment to excellence seriously, always striving to exceed our client’s expectations. Based on this corporate philosophy, it is our goal to develop and maintain long lasting relationships with our client’s as well as industry professionals, subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants.

The following is a representative listing of Project Management and Owner’s Representation Services:

Pre-Construction Services:

  • Design management
  • Project execution plan
  • Cost control
  • Constructability review/analysis
  • Estimating
  • Project control budget
  • Value engineering

Construction Services:

  • Supervision and administration
  • Project management systems
  • Permitting
  • Safety & contract administration
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Close-out/warranty administration

Additional Support Services:

  • Project scheduling
  • Site logistics planning
  • Claims management
  • Bank representation
  • Energy management

These services are offered through the following contractual methods:

  • Construction Manager as Agent
  • Construction Manager at Risk
  • Design-Build Manager
  • Owner’s Representation


True commissioning and close out procedures are not only identified early in the design process, they ar also monitored from the project’s inception. It is too late to start the design and pre-design elements of the commissioning after the development phase of the project. Many attributes to effective commissioning are established to drive the design components to meet certain energy requirements and operations issues. Commissioning, when done right, is continuous and begins as an inherent part of the design and planning component of the project. The tie to potential LEED design characteristics can be elevated with the implementation of an early onset of commissioning program.

The close out process provides for the final and complete execution of all construction and design elements in a concise manner to turn over these documents, manuals, and training components to allow the proper and complete operations of the maintenance and operations facility. A project where the close out is handled properly will allow for the most cost efficient use and operation of the facility. Having all parties provided with the information required to best operate the facility creates good utilization. Whether it be operation manuals, attic stock, warranty guarantee, as well as contact information of equipment suppliers, all components are part of a fully developed construction management procedure.

The ultimate goal is to create a facility that can be used as efficiently as possible and creating a smooth transition and turnover process is a critically important piece of the puzzle.

Core Four Construction’s Services:

  • Pre-construction/Estimating
  • Cost Modeling
  • Value Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Construction Field/Supervision and Administration
  • Site Logistics
  • Scheduling
  • Critical Path Management
  • Claims Integration
  • Project/Public Safety
  • Community Relations/Outreach
  • Equal Opportunity Administration
  • City Agencies
  • LEED Consulting & Management
  • Establish/Maintain QA/QC Program
  • Construction Staging and Phasing
  • Project Safety
  • Project Insurance Requirements
  • Claims Prevention
  • Pre-construction Support
  • Establishment/Updating of Project Manual
  • Assist with Constructability Reviews
  • Value Engineering Support
  • Proposed Subcontract Modification (PSM) Management
  • As-Builts & Document Control
  • Monitor Guarantee Period
  • Establish Warranty/Guarantee Register
  • Post-Construction Phase Services

Value Engineering/Management

Working within a fixed budget required that value engineering items, including alternate material selections, strategies providing for specific means and methods as well as unique procurement, be utilized to maximize those available resources. This approach to meeting the expectations of the client, end user, and designer while obtaining a cost effective final product begins at the earliest phases of the design and resonates through the construction administrative process. Whether it is through material substitutions or pricing alternative material, selections, or equipment, these processes must be done openly for all parties to take an active role in. Core Four Construction’s view is that no value engineering item is too small or insignificant, and it is only when all parties bear the responsibility of taking the budget personally, will the truest value be achieved. A design charrette is often an excellent approach of obtaining the best ideas that may ultimately be considered. It will be up to the designers and Construction Manager to provide the details and real costs early so that when the documents are finalized, the estimating is matched to the expected bidding costs associated with the approved final design elements.


Project Manual

In an effort to identify and create an understanding of the specific procedural responsibilities of all parties throughout the duration of the project, a project manual will be developed. This manual will outline the flow of information, procurement requirements, value engineering suggestions, cost analysis, and schedule milestones as well as all reporting and financial approvals. The project manual will be a road map to the actions that will be necessary to maintain a streamlined approach to coordination information and communicating to the diverse groups involved to create a cohesive teaming approach.


Construction Administration

Construction administration encompasses not only the physical aspects of construction that is typically done, but focuses on the management of the dollars that many times slip away as unforeseen conditions, design modifications and general change order work develops. Managing the administrative aspect of the construction is taking responsibility for the pre-construction process. Those construction managers that have done their jobs well in the pre-construction phase now have a much easier time administrating a well-developed set of documents, since all pertinent questions and suggestions have been uncovered previously. In addition to monitoring the changes that occur, it is also essential that reporting and managing the city’s process for requisitions, information and communication between parties, happen efficiently and all parties are clear on the process. The Core Four Construction Team, having a full understanding of this importance, will as a normal course, identify the potential issue early on and provide solutions that can be implemented to mitigate the problems and allow the process to continue as cost effectively as possible. The Construction Manager’s role in administration is to provide the staff and expertise to guide the properly designed project to its completion without any surprises, additional cost, or schedule impacts.